Friday, October 30, 2009

She-Hulk is dumb.

This week at work, we had another 'elf' join Boss and I. She is a lovely young woman and I'm glad of an extra set of hands so my old back doesn't seize up. In a week or so we'll have another person come. We'll be turning out the yarn like nobody's business!

First thing this morning at work, we took a trip to Home Depot to spend company money. Boss bought a drill and bits, so we could put together a table for inside the barn (it's a small barn, some might call it a shed. We might slap those who are so short-sighted). The first hole NoElf drilled, the bit broke. Back to Home Depot with me! We managed to assemble the table, between the three of us.

Today Boss dyed 100 skeins of our most in-demand yarn in a beautiful colourway. I somehow escaped mucking up my hands too much until it was time to put everything away at the end of the day. My hands are teal and fuschia, just after I rid them of the She-Hulk green. She-Hulk is dumb.

Tomorrow I will have a little builder on my hands, resplendent in hard-hat and tool-belt. Elder will be something-or-other dead, as his wont. Three years running, wouldn't want to break tradition. We will carve the pumpkin we picked up at Little's school field trip last week.

Sunday will bring a spin-in with some of my favourite people. There is a situation brewing which makes me uncomfortable. I hope for resolution without hurt feelings. I don't think it's possible, but I am an eternal optimist.

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