Saturday, August 21, 2010

Same as it ever was

I haven't actually forgotten that I have a blog. It's just that I haven't had a whole lot of anything to say.

In my last post, I was still working for the indie yarn dyer/friend. In December, we parted ways, as she needed more hours than I was able to give to her. Since then, I've been spending a lot of time with my kids, and being a stay-home mom. Little (who is five) was attending a half-day pre-kindergarten program; Big (who is 16) was struggling with high school. I hope this year won't be such a struggle for him. When the boys are back in school in a few weeks, I will return to work, but at a salon where I worked previously. The job is sort of a combination of things, being manager, reception, secretary, and personal assistant to the owner. I liked the job well enough but left when I realized I had not only a conflict of hiring practices with the owner, but that most of my salary was going toward paying for daycare. As Little will be in full-day school, that won't be the case any longer; former boss and I have also come to an agreement on hiring.

In mid-July, Little and I headed to Canada to visit with my family. I am Canadian; I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and raised in Alberta. My mother and step-dad are in Barons, a very small town in Southern Alberta, my father and step-mother are in Edmonton. Each year (save one) since I moved to Maryland, I have made the drive to Mom's and taken about a month of vacation. The idea is to drive up, spend a few weeks going around to visit all of my old friends and family, and then be able to bring home things I can't get down here. It rarely happens that way. This year, I drove to Mom's, and spent a week not seeing anyone but Mom and Dad. Then there was a huge family reunion near Athabasca, which we spent four days at; then two days spent with my best girlfriend and her husband in Edmonton. That's it. And that was fine, really. The rest of the trip was spent doing a little bit of gardening in Mom's garden, picking berries, making jams, canning fruit, and shopping with Mom.

Each year but the first, I have had my husband help to drive one way; he'd drive up with me (as was the case the year we drove to Yellowknife so he could experience it for the first time) and fly home, or fly up to drive home with me. This year, I did it all on my own. I drove to Chicago my first day and spent the night with Tasha and Bill. The next night, I drove to Bismarck, North Dakota, and the third day to Mom's. Three days to drive 2500 miles. Thankfully, Little is quite used to traveling like that, and made good use of the portable DVD player and his Leapster. Big is usually a very good helper along the way, but this year he had a summer job lined up and couldn't go with us. Also, his immigration status is in flux and there may have been an issue getting him back into the US after we left. He is both Canadian and American, but we are awaiting his American citizenship papers and his green card was issued in his birth name, incorrectly, after my husband adopted him.

An entire month away from one of my kids and my husband is a very, very long month. It was wonderful, as well. I was really conflicted to enjoy myself so much and miss them as well. However, Big had a fine time here; he spent a week at camp and one of his best friends came back to town to visit after having moved away two years ago. Mister is self-employed so he could be here for Big when he needed him. I think that not having me here for that time helped Big to mature in some ways, as well, which was quite needed. I think that we tend to infantalize our teens more than necessary. At Big's current age, I was living away for the summer and working in Banff National Park. No way is Big mature enough for that, and it makes me a little sad.

On to now... I've been knitting all along, of course. I knit my mother a February Lady Sweater from Paton's Classic Wool in "Woodrose Heather" (a medium pink) and took it to her. She loves it. My niece also needed mittens to match her handspun hat and cowl, so I obliged. I've also knit at least one pair of socks each month this year. My husband adores Bugga! socks, and has reaped the spoils of my employment with The Sanguine Gryphon last fall. I currently have Clasica Coat (Interweave Knits cover, Fall 2009) on the needles, made from Fisherman's Wool in "Oatmeal". It's a very boring colour. I was halfway through the back when I realized that what I really wanted was a red coat. I'm going to finish this in the current yarn, and then dye yarn for another coat.

I've also been spinning. I just finished 8 ounces of merino wool dyed in yellows and blues dyed by Chimera on Etsy, called "Starry Night". I think I've got around 350 yards of it, in a tight 2-ply twist. In May or June I did another 8 ounces, also from Chimera, in a red-yellow-blue-green dye. Quite pretty. I suppose I will have to start taking pictures and posting them.

Today I was stung by a bee, went to lunch with my husband, and took Little to a birthday party at a bowling alley. I will now spend the balance of my day knitting on my coat and watching Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who on the dvr. There's a new "The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" (Jeremy Brett series) episode which I haven't seen. That's really unusual!

Talk to you soon,

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