Thursday, September 2, 2010

I got it!

I mentioned before that I thought I'd 'knocked it outta the park' on the interview. I was not wrong. I start on September 14th! My first job interview in years and I got it! Now I need to buy non-floozy shoes. I realized while I was dressing for the interview that most of my heels are mule-type and not work-suitable.

In the meantime, Big has gone back to school; Little begins school on Tuesday; and I have finished knitting my coat. It took about 1800 yards of Aran-weight Fisherman's Wool, if that tells you anything. My wrists were aching when I finished. I have yet to sew it together, but the blocking is done.

Currently on the needles, I have begun a stole for a friend's birthday, and a shawl to knit as a sample for a friend's yarn company. I haven't ever knit a shawl before. It's going well and I'm enjoying it. Plus, the yarn is completely gorgeous, merino/silk 70/30. Gorgeous to look at, gorgeous to knit.

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