Monday, October 10, 2011

Change is a good thing.

Hi. I always forget that I have this blog. For years, I was a Live Journaller, and I made a lot of friends through that and as such would remember to update. Having a blog is something completely different than the very social way LJ works. I'll try to remember.

This coming weekend is Rhinebeck! Jess and I will drive up Friday evening, stay with her grandmother in Walden in a fabulous Arts and Crafts era house on the lake. Beautiful, beautiful old home, with wood panelling on the walls and ceiling, gorgeous craftsmanship all through the house. It's about an hour from Rhinebeck, which is a little inconvenient but I don't mind. She's a lovely woman, Grandma, and the setting is stunning. Coming from the Prairies as I do, the violently coloured leaves in the fall here are really something astounding to me. I hope I never get used to just how beautiful Autumn in the Northeast really is.

We'll drive back Sunday, likely not getting home until very late. I'll take Monday to rest and catch up on laundry and housekeeping.

Wednesday, school starts for me. Forty years old, and I'm about to start college! It's frightening and exciting and anxiety-inducing and fantastic and dreadful all at once. I'm hoping to ultimately go to Pharmacy school, but we will see how things go. I'm taking the first two years at the community college, and then I'll seek transfer to Towson University or University of Maryland. The only Pharmacy school in the state is at UMD, so it might be best to go there to complete my undergrad degree, but again we'll see what happens in the first little while.

I am taking US History, English 101, and a remedial math class. Apparently, when you don't do Algebra and Geometry for 23 years, you forget a few things. I tested 100% on my English placements, but the math, uh... well. So yay, I get to pay for 6 credit hours of math which don't give credits. BOO.

I'll have less time to knit. Which is ok, since I sort of think I have enough yarn and really shouldn't buy more. A friend of mine is thinking of doing a knit-from-stash year, and I might just join her. I'll have to think it over a little more, giving myself some rules. I think a self-imposed sock club might be a good idea as well. Everyone likes handknit socks, you know. They're like hugs for your feet.

I've been spinning as well. I sold my Fricke in January or February, and bought a Lendrum DT. I love this thing like nothing else, and I got a sweetheart of a deal on it. I've spun more this year than any year since learning how to spin. I got a little carried away with the Tour de Fleece* and injured myself, so there hasn't been any spinning since July. The knee is on the mend (bursitis requires rest, which I haven't had a lot of) and I'm hoping to be able to spin double-treadle again soon.

That's what's new with me, and what's coming up in the near future. I hope to update more, but who are we kidding. I might remember sometime next year.

*Tour de Fleece: Basically, just spinning each day during the Tour de France. Resting on the cyclists' rest days. I spun three miles of yarn. That's a lot.

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Dave said...

It's interesting that you love your Lendrum DT "like nothing else". I'm not concerned, mind you, but I find that interesting. AND TERRIFYING!

*wanders off to commiserate with chopped liver*